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Who is running this election cycle ?

 Political Season 2019  is upon us. As we look at who is running we see only (4) people have taken out papers for a seat on the School Committee.  That committee will have one open seat with Paul Coggan giving up his seat to take a second run at the Mayor’s office.  Also, depending on how the situation with Josh Hetzler turns out that may open a second seat.

I spoke with Josh a few weeks ago when he was a guest on the No Spin Zone Show. He said he had talked with a lawyer, and they were discussing how they wanted to address this case of the new charter rule that states a person can not hold a city position and an elected position at the same time.  Josh was allowed to run the last election because the charter had just been voted in and Josh was voted in at the same election.  The charter was not in effect at the time Josh ran.

When we look at the City Council this year we have (17) people taken out papers so far with time remaining for others to pull papers and get them back with 350 certified signatures of Fall River voters.  I talk with councilor Derek Viveiros about a month ago, and he stated that he was still thinking about if he would run for reelection this term.  We are hearing that Cliff Ponte is not sure about a run for his third term.  Cliff has a Real Estate Company that is expanding and, they are doing very well with this market, and he may decide that he needs more time to focus on the company and not run for reelection. Most people will agree that if Cliff does run it is a very good bet he will be reelected easy.

The mayor’s race is not interesting at all. Paul Coggan is the only person to pull and return papers.  The mayor has not yet taken out papers for he reelection and talk around the city is that he may be focusing on his legal issues and eye a run after that is over. Jasiel has time to pull papers and if he does, this race will heat up fast.  Coggan has made it clear that he wants the mayor’s office and he has taken shots at the mayor stating the city needs someone to bring people together and he is the one.

I have also been told that there is another person that may come out. If he does and Jasiel does not, this will be a good race. Because I have no comments from that person that he is running I can not put his name out. What I can say is he is a very strong candidate with life long ties in Fall River never leaving the city. He has strong support and will be able to raise a lot of money without concern. This person will if he runs be a big concern for Mr. Coggan who right now is the Top contender.  But we will see. Only a couple of weeks left to pull and return papers. We will know soon. It is my feeling that if the mayor does run the other person will not. Just my opinion.  I say that because they would pull votes from the same people and give Mr. Coggan an edge. But anything can happen in Fall River Politics.

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