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School lunch program gets funding. But what took so long?

The food pictures are not intended to be a real school meal.  Just as a reference point.

With the School Lunch program being in the news over the last few weeks we decided to look at what other country’s serve their children in school.

Because we see many families come from Brazil and Portugal I looked them up. So here are two school lunches. On the left, the USA,  on the right, Brazil. The first thing I noticed was the amount of food on the tray. Then I saw what seems to me to be a healthier meal coming from Brazil.  Just my opinion. But isn’t Brazil on the Poor side of economics?  I would say that the US can buy 10 Brazils.  What is wrong with this picture, as they say?

Now,  Let us go back about two or three weeks. Someone had questioned why the Fall River School Department was not taking advantage of the Free Lunch Program that pay’s for all children to eat at school. As I recall, The answer from the school administration was that they do not apply for the free lunch program because if they do then they can’t apply for a grant for the lunch program.

I believe that the grant has income and other restriction on it that prevented some kids from getting a free lunch.  The other program that the school has now just gotten into will give free lunch to all the kids.  Why in the hell would you want a grant to feed some when you can feed all?  Was it due to having grant money and maybe something else? It just makes no common sense to leave any kid out of lunch.

Maybe we can get the answer from the person in charge of the budget.  It’s like someone didn’t know about the program and when confronted with the information they looked into it and made the change.  Because,  if they felt that the grant they were receiving was the best option,  why would they now change it?  I say because they drop the ball and tried to cover it up by giving us a made up answer that didn’t hold water.  Let’s just tell the truth and move on people.  Makes me wonder what the members of the school committee are doing?

Lastly,  Why is it that just the Mayor and Kevin Aguiar wanted to send the Transportation contracts back out to bid? Not one person I have talked to about this has agreed that we did the right thing by not re-bidding the contracts.  Again, I have to ask what is going on with some of the committeemen? The SC has often been considered the first elective office one seeks in politics. You learn the budget process and how to work as a team as well as how the government works.  If this is what we are getting from some SC members,  I hope they don’t seek higher office for a few more years. With these types of choices being made,  I don’t believe I want them having to much more power or dealing with a 300o million dollar budget. Voters better start paying attention to the votes being taken in the School Committee and City Council.

We will reach out to the superintendent for answers.

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