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See you in Feb 2020

Today June 25. 2019 the State of Massachusetts vs Jasiel F. Correia ll was the talk of the day.

The Mayor’s attorney Mr. Kiven Rededinton was working his magic in Federal Court Boston, Mass today on behalf of Fall River Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll. Today a big step was taken as the court, and both the state and defense picked a date to begin jury selection in the 13 count indictment facing Corriea.


As we all waited for this day to come we all talked about how we felt it was going to play out. From the very start, we at the No Spin Zone felt that the case would not begin in the year 2019. Having some understanding about the federal court process and talking with an attorney, we said the case would be in 2020. Luck or justs knowing the process, we were right.  The first day of the trial process is now Feb 24, 2020. Unless something happens to change this process, that will be the day they begin to select the 12 person jury that will sit and be the ones that will vote on the faith of Correia.

We saw today that the local media were all over the story. WSAR sent a newsman to Boston and the Heral New as well were ready with a cell phone in hand.  Social Media pages did not attend.  We had someone that was there report to us what was happening.  We have begun to hear how local media play it up to fit their agenda.

Radio and Newspaper will now focus on what will happen if Correia is reelected then found guilty and we will need a new special election.  Never will you hear them say that 12 people MUST AGREE that he did what the Government said. And guess what, Big deal if we need a special election.  They didn’t care about that when they pushed for a Recall that cost $70,000.  And that blew up in their faces.

Let’s help the city and let’s help with the forward direction it is on. Even Former Mayor Will A. Flanagan said on his radio talk show that the City is moving in the right direction and that the opponents can not focus on what kind of job Jasiel did.   However, in his own words, Flanagan said, If you like the way the city is moving forward you vote for Correia. If you vote NO for Correia,  It’s because you just don’t like him. Not because he isn’t doing a good job.  He further said because you can’t use how the city is doing agents him.  { not a quote. }

We will continue to talk to people in the city that vote and to insiders that can provide some insight on all things Fall River.

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