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We have a Primary race for Mayor. How will the Votes turn out?


As of today July1.2019, we have {1} person that has taken out papers and returned them with the 300 needed signatures and is on the ballot this Sept, that is Paul Coogan. We have {2} people taken out papers also for the office of mayor, Current Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll for Reelection to what will be his 3rd full term,  and Erica Scott Pacheco who finished last in the recall. Both have not yet returned the needed amount of signatures. They have until July 12. 2019.at 5 PM.


Today we will focus on the mayor race. We can be sure that over the next weeks we will see the candidates gear up their visibility and be seen out at fundraisers and community events. That’s nice about this election is it begins in the summer. People are more likely to go to events and go out into the community where a candidate can reach out to them and lay out their plans for the city.

Mayor Correia and Paul Coogan have most of the signs they need. Coogan may want to add more because this election is longer than the last recall and regardless that Correia was Recalled by (62%) he did WIN on the part that asks who you wanted to replace the recalled candidate.  It is always nice to win with a good % of votes. But as they say, A win is a Win. 

What will it take for Mayor Correia to win this election and overcome that (62%) margin in the recall? Well, He will need to get back some of the Big financial backers he once had. He will need to have a strong viability campaign and that takes money. Jasie did not use the Fall River Herald News or the local radio WSAR in any of his adds. That saved him a lot of money. Will he use them this time? Because both of those media companies have covered Correia in a negative way he feels,  I don’t think he will give them any money. He did use Social Media in a big way. Adds on Fall River Reporter the largest local social media page in the city and followed by many will most likely get his adds again. No Spin Zone Fall River was the other social media page that got adds from Corriea. Both ran adds daily.

If you look at Grassroots campaign you will see a lot of time spent on face to face,  door knocking, mailings and public appearances as well as on radio, TV, papers and now Social Media Podcast and Vlogs. This is where mayor Correia is at his best. Well spoken and able to win over the elderly who are the voters you need, Correia is considered the best at this even by many of his opponents.

Paul Coogan had a strong showing for the first time Mayoral race. Paul has name recognition in the north end and has made up ground in the rest of the city. What will be the difference this time? As we go around talking to people they want to know what a new mayor will do that will make the city better. Most people even the ones not in support of Correia say the city has come a long way in some areas. Coogan will need more than just saying that the city needs someone at the top that is not under indictment. The moral campaign was not enough to get him a win last time.

You have to remember and keep reminding yourself,  Jasiel F. Correia ll was RECALLED.  BUT, when it came to picking a replacement for him, non of the four were able to get it done. People say it was because of a 5 person race. That’s partly true. But Flanagan had a bigger race and he was RECALLED and the vote was split there also, But Flanagan did not get reelected at the bottom of the ticket. It was Sam Sutter.  So you have two recalls with several people running in them and one the recalled mayor loosed on both parts of the ballot and on the last recall the mayor is recalled but still gets reelected.  People looked at the choices and felt they would prefer to keep moving the city forward and not take a risk on inexperienced people. Will they do it again?  We will see.

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