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Mayor Saves City $2 Million Dollars On School Transportation.

 The Fall River School Committee met on the school Transportation cost earlier this year. The Committee voted to award the contract for $11.9 Million. 

When they discussed the cost two members Jasiel F. Correia and Kevin Aguiar both said they wanted it to go back out for a new bid. But they didn’t have to votes and the $11.9 was the number the committee went with.

Fast forward, The A.G. was contacted and she ruled that the bid was No good because of the way it was done and the scope of the bid was changed.  The A.G. said the bid could not be used and the city had no choice t go back for a second bid which is what Correia and Aguiar wanted in the first place.

Today the new bids were open at City Hall and the amount of the new bids were $9.9 million $2. million less than the contract that the school voted for. By going back out to bid it forced the Bus companies to reduce e cost. There were No changes to the scope of the contract and everything remain the same other than it is a (1) year contract.

It appears that mayor Corriea was right by wanted to go back out to bit. $2. million dollars was saved by understanding the process and not just voting to spend the taxpayer’s money.  I guess we are seeing here that being in office one must understand when fold and when to go for it. Mayor Correia did the right thing and it was because he has three years of school budgets under his belt and knew he could save the city money.

Here is how it breaks down.

IF you take the dedicated athletic transportation of $155,312.50 from $10,145,578.10 you get the new total of $ 9,990,265.60 That is down from the original Bif of $11,990,000.

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