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No Primary Election For City Council and School Committee.

In this year’s elections, we will not have something we have had for many years. We may have taken it for granted. That something is A Primary election.

We should be very concerned about not receiving enough willing candidates to throw their names into the pool so we could hold a primary election.  It is always better to have a primary because it allows for healthy debate among a large group of the potential finalist.

We need to ask ourselves why we can’t draw enough good candidates for a good old fashion battle royal election run off.  Do you believe it is because people are fed up with politics in general? Do you think it’s due to just having an election in March? Or, could it be that people do not want to run for office and put their and their families out in front of what has become a vile, mean and somewhat vicious endeavor?

Well my Fall River friends, whatever it is, we need to figure out how we are going to turn this around. We need to get people interested in the holdong office. We need NEW CANDIDATES. We must find a way to draw new people with well-rounded backgrounds that are sitting on the sidelines to get involved.

We are seeing the same faces every election. Former elected officials, people that are part of the crowd and have a vested interest in holding office for the wrong reasons. People that are connected to one of the old politicians and their supporters. These are the people that will hold us back in many cases. Some are good people that bring much experience to the position. But some are running just to pad retirements or because they want to remove a candidate holding office. We can not go backward.

No matter what to feel or think about the people elected today, we are in better shape today than we were just a few years ago. Yes, things have not gone the way we wanted or hoped. But are schools have smaller class size now, our city is seeing streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, and public safety improvements. Small and big business has begun to come back and more are on the way. We need to make sure that this focus and vision is not lost on a new person coming in that has no experience in business, ties to the old gang that held us back and are just filling a chair with no understanding on what the hell to do.

We have to remember, you don’t have to like who is holding office, but you do have to look at what accomplishments have been achieved under their leadership. It’s not about liking someone, it’s about is that someone making Fall River Better?

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