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Budget goes for Vote Today.

The Mass Budget has come out of committee where both the House and the Senate discussed their versions of the budge and what the Governor proposed.  Today they will vote it up or down but can’t make changes. The budget is said to be the biggest in history and spends millions more on education.

One area we felt was important but the House Rep’s and the Senate cut it out of the Governor’s budget proposal was a tax that would be put on the Pharmaceutical Companies on the drugs they sell.  The Governor asked for a tax that would generate several million dollars which he wanted to used to pay for Treatment and Prevention due to the opioid crisis. This would reduce the amount of money coming from the taxpayers pocket. The shift would be put on the people that we all know caused much of the crisis we have today. This would greatly reduce how much of the taxpayer money that would be needed.  However, it also was cut in the budget negotiations.

One other area we feel was a missed opportunity was the freeze on tuition.  They wanted to put a freeze on the cost of tuition to stabilize the cost of higher education. It is not in this budget, it was removed in budget negotiations.  We can be pretty sure that the Governor will Veto several items and that will send it back for another vote to try to override the governor’s Veto.

We will again ask Sen. Mike Rodriguez to appear on our show to discuss the budget. The senator has been on our show several times providing information to the taxpayer on what was pasted and why as well as why other items were not made part of the budget. It is always hard to understand a budget this big and without an understanding of how it all works, we are often lost in the process. But the senator has in the past and I’m sure will clear all that up on my show.


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