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Shawn Cadime says Mayor is taking kickbacks. Correia fights back with Atty. Kevin Reddington letter.

Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll is not sitting back anymore.  Councilor Shawn Cadime has for some time made many statements about the Correia administration and more so about the mayor.

In a recent meeting, Cadime called the mayor out.  He said that (everyone knows) that the mayor has been receiving (kickbacks) from the Marijuana companies doing business here in the city.

After that meeting, the Mayor contacted his lawyer to discuss the comments. Atty, Reddington sent a letter out to Shawn Cadime stating if he had proff he should contact the A.G.  The letters are posted on our Facebook page. Shawn Cadime in return sent a letter to the Asst A.G. saying he was contacting him because Reddington said he should do so and went on to say he would be happy to meet with the A.G. and or the FBI and assist in any way he could.

We need to step back in time to the year 2013 – 2014  when Shawn Cadime was fired by Mayor Will A. Flanagan and replace with the current city administrator Cathy Ann. Shaw at that time teamed up with some sitting councilor to try and get Flanagan in trouble with letters and calls to the FBI, AG, IG, DA, and anyone that would listen..  As we all know. Maor Flanagan was never charged with any crime and left office in the recall. Audits, after he left, showed that all the money was there and he had not taken any as was said by those trying to remove him.

We see it again. Different councilors but the same type of attacking behavior. They tried to get rid of Correia in a recall but Correia Won that and now they turn even more vindictive and make theses statements.  If Shawn has this proof, where is it? Why not put it in the Heral News like they the leaking of bad information they get all the time. Why not give it to the AG way back when he claimes it happen? Why? Because it’s his opinion and he has no proof. If so, bring in the guy who paid the (kickback.) 

We look at the upcoming election and we are asking why we don’t have a primary in two branches of government? This is why. Who wants to serve in this city? Sure as you are alive if you piss off anyone they will start a recall or attack you. All I can say is that if they have proof, show it and then let the courts address it.  All I’m saying is you have not proven anything. You are giving your bias opinion. Look, no skin off my back if it’s true or not true.  But I hate when people try to hurt other people just because you wish you had what they have. I have seen it first hand. So show the proof or go away.


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  1. Terrible grammar and spelling.

    • I was going to tell you what everyone already knows about you but decided I would be more a mane than you. Since you hide behind facebook post and made-up names, it shows how much of a small person you are. You will now be blocked because I have to time for a coward. Yep, A coward.

  2. Kevin reddington

    Cadime is a self promoting troll. He has nothing because there is nothing. Corriea tries to do the city’s business while being surrounded by a pack of jackals nipping at his heels. The city deserves better than these self serving individuals spreading rumors and lies while giggling like school kids over any suggestion of illegality. Very good piece. If cadime has proof ( which he does not) then bring it up. Tell the media. Tell the FBI who we all know are desperately trying to corroborate something, anything against the mayor. If you have the proof. Bring it. Otherwise. Shut up .

  3. If I read correctly in your article you state they tried to get rid of him in a recall but he won that, as I remember it he lost the recall however he did win in a re-election effort. In this case here I feel Mr Cadime is correct however it is technically not a kick back because they are disguising it as a campaign contribution. Mayor career isn’t doing anything criminal but in my eyes he is doing something I feel unethical

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