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Transportation will a get big boost.

The Governor in a press conference stated that he was happy that a Bond would be taken out for 1.8 Billion dollars for up grand to the Transportation network in our state.

Baker outlines several projects that will benefit from the bond money. The  (Transportation network) had many problems and cost millions year after year. Baker stated the transportation system has been making revenue. The Governor noted that the income made had not been spent and will go toward this work.

Baker further stated that from housing to chapter 70, funding transportation is essential.  Better traffic makes it easier and safer getting to and from both work and school.  Baker said that Transportation backups prevent growth from happening at a faster pace. Every city and town benefit from spending less time on the road and more time with family and doing the things you need to.

The Lieutenant Governor and Transportation Secretary also spoke.  They as well outline the many areas that will benefit from these much-needed upgrades and improved technology.

The Governor also stated that there are other parts to this plan that will need House approval but noted that the support appears to be there. There has not been any negative feedback back from the Tax and Spend watch groups yet.  But it’s probably going to happen just due to the amount of the bond at 1.8 Billion Dollars.

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