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Recent Gun Violence is pointed at Guns Not the User.

Once again this past weekend the country saw more Gun Violence that has left several people dead and others fighting for their lives in two cities that had only one thing in common, Someone with a gun hell-bent on killing people.

El Paso Texas was the scene of a mass shooting that has the numbers of killed up to 31 as of the latest information we have. Also in Dayton, Ohio saw a second shooting where 9 people were killed and 27 wounded as of our last check.

The Ohio man was only 21 years old and was killed by police. In the El Paso shooing the victims rang from age 2 up to 82 years old. No one was left out of this world shooting spree. Police said there is no evidence at this time that the two shooting sprees were linked, but they continue to investigate.

President Trump took to the air making a number of statements. He stopped short of blaming GUN’S for the killings.  He stated that we need to do more on the Mental Health front. At one point saying a person who had mental health issues was a Monster making reference to the person that did the shootings. It has not been stated if the person was under treatment for a mental health issue as of this story.

Trump called on both Democrats and Republican to come together and work to stop the killings. He did not say how that could be done. He said that the two have worked out problems in the past and need to come together now. Democrats call on the Republic speaker to call everyone back into session to address the mater.

Both republican and Democratic media have been spinning the topic all day.  We are sure to hear the Dem’s call for more Gun control and to take some weapons off the market as they do with each of these types of situations. The Republican base will not open discussions if any talk about a Gun Band is part of the discussions. Both have said there is room for a stronger background check and some local laws and changes could be on the table.

I think we must understand that mass murder can happen without the use of a gun. But, we know what seems to be the problem is not gun’s but illegal guns on the street and gun’s in the homes of people that should not have them. We have seen in the past that a gun in a home with a person with mental health issues can lead to a bad situation. Gun shows are seen as a place where guns can be found and later end up in the hands of a person without a license and with bad intentions.

We will see what if anything comes forward in terms of new regulation, laws or gun’s being removed from the market. I don’t see guns being taken off the market and I also don’t feel that our elected leaders are going to go into discussions on this issue with a focus on the victims,  they will want to play politics again, and we will see Ban Aid like policy movement.

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