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Talk about wanting to work together is not the actions shown by Council.

Do you see and hear what I do?  Every time a city councilor goes on the radio or speak to the Herald News they are pointing fingers.

Now,  I’m not going to say that they don’t have reason to bitch about the administration a little.  The admin has at times not had all the information they should have. We also see the council go off onto items that are not on the agenda and were not set to discuss. So it is not the fault of the Admin if they do not have what the council want.

What we see now has very little to do with city business.  It has to do with a few councilors who over time had issues with the Mayor and have come to a point they won’t try and work with anything he sends down.  If they do,  it’s like pulling teeth. So this is not just on one body. Both have, at some point, overstepped the other.  It must end, and it is not all about getting the mayor out.  Many say they like what he has been able to do.  What they do say is they cannot continue with the fighting between the two bodies.

So what do we do? You must ask yourself a question. Is it easier to get the mayor out and take and take a chance on a new mayor?  Or will this happen again as soon as the new mayor is not in full agreement with the council?  Does anyone believe in their heart that everything that is going on between this council and the mayor is the fault of just the mayor or just the council?  If you do,  you are not being honest. Do you remove the person who has moved the city forward in many areas, or some of the councilors that seem to fight his every move?  That will be your choice.

Do not vote for a person who tells you what you want and need to hear.  Vote with your eyes and your brain. Do you see a better city than it was?  Do you want to keep going forward? That is the question.

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