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Winter is moving in fast and hard and we already hear the stories of homeless not having anywhere to go. The city homeless shelter First Step Inn has overflow beds that they make available at a date set by them. That date has not arrived yet.

Homeless advocates began getting tips late last night about the need for beds. The shelter had already been full of its 20 beds we are told. The shelter also is what is called a DRY SHELTER.  That is the meaning of No Alcohol or drug use allowed. We sure understand that. But, Even if you have a slight smell of alcohol you can net get in we are told. Many people on the streets have alcohol and drug problems, if they are not in need of medical care and are not a problem, then why must they be treated differently?

The Mayor has opened the City Hall atrium every time it gets cold to a point that is dangerous. With that office in limbo to a degree maybe it was overlooked last night. The acting mayor Cliff Ponte was contacted this morning and he stated that he is working with Emergency Management on the issue. They are the ones to open the lower level of city hall. Ponte also said he was told that the First Step Inn was not full and was taking people. We have always received correct information on this issue for the last 7 years we have been tracking the homeless issue. Our people tell us that people were looking for beds last night and did not have any open.

A call to the First Step Inn was made and a message left. We will continue to update and follow this issue. The homeless task force and city need to address the issue of having a Dry Shelter only leaving many with no place to go but under bridges, railroad tracks, and hospital E.R. They are still humans. The mayor-elect now through his Transition Team MUST address this issue.s.

Homeless and Addicted must be cared for too.


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