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The No Spin Zone Fall River web and Facebook pages has changed.

The cable and livestream show is also set to change in Jan 2020.

The reason for this is that we are taking the advise of our readers to move on past reporting just the bad stuff that happens. We have tried to be fair, but its hard when you cover politics in this city.

The new page and show is already being set up. ITS CALLED ,

Fall River Daily News. FallRiver daily news.com  A new logo will be added as well as a new focus . We hope that anyone that left us due for any reason come give this news page a try. WE THANK ALL the hundreds and thousands that have been with us the past two years continue and like the new positive reporting even on more.

Let me be clear. This new focus WILL NOT STOP US FROM POINTING on anything going on in the city that is wrong. We are NOT going to become Main Street Media. What we will do now is try very hard to leave out any personal feeling or bias from the story. Each story will now go to a professional editor for corrections and changes needed. We feel that was lacking and hurting us.

Our show will continue to bring you the people in the area that are our leaders and the businessman and woman that work hard in our city to make it great. Politics’s will still be a big part of this new focus, but we hope and look forward to building a new and positive relationship with all who are elected in our city and the state.

We will be looking at bring in New faces to the show. Also, host to do topic shows. We also are looking for people to write for us and cover on the spot news in the city.

We hope you will like this new focus and that you will let everyone know that the Fall River Daily News is the place to get the REAL STORY.

Thank you and stay tune.


About Gene St Pierre

Local advocate and political fanatic. My interest are wide and my focus is my community. Retired substance abuse counselor and owner of Studio 1A a social media marketing company. Producer of the no Spin Zone show on Comcast cable channel 95 every Monday at 12 noon. Contact me personally for more information. Hope you enjoy the page and the inside bring to each post blog and column.

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