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KOOL, May be No More.

Unless you are a Non-Smoker or live in the middle of nowhere, you know that the State of Mass is trying to Ban Menthol Brand Cigarettes. We had a vote by the House that passed a bill to BAN  them.  It will go to the Senate now. Most likely, it will end up in a conference of both houses for a final bill vote.

The State stands to lose over $280 million in taxes if this bill passed. But what about the people that smoke menthol for 40 years? What will they do?

The question for most people is this; why are you picking a Barn type and not all brands? The state will tell you its because they have proof the companies are targeting kids/ They say kids more often smoke a (Flavor) cigarette.  They say this will help stop new smokers. Why don’t they deal with the issue with a PSA and work with companies on the packaging? The state has had a bill waiting since last year. Due to the problems with Vaping and that many kids are using Vape with a flavored type of juice or cartage, they are trying to lump everything together.

Is it fair that the government can just tell the people that as of this date you can no longer smoke this Brand of cigarettes but you can smoke that kind? Everyone we talk to say the government needs to focus on saving us tax dollars and let us worry about what we smoke. The companies that open up shops just to see Vape products will lose millions as well. What will they do? Some have a long lease on their stores and can’t just leave. If you Vape or smoke a flavored brand you need to contact your Senator to make sure he or she votes (NO) on this bill or it will cost them your vote and your support.

We can now only wait and see what happens. But we do not have to do so in silence, SPEAK UP. Lastly, Where do you think Uncle Sam will make up the tax money they lose from this? You know. From you,  the taxpayer. Say No More BS.


This story is the OPINION of the writer.

By,  Gen St. Pierre,   F.R. Daily News.


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