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Sanctuary Cities ?

Massachusetts, a place where freedom USED TO ring, is now ringing another bell. FREE STUFF. Currently, there is a bill up for consideration to make Massachusetts into an official “Sanctuary State”. That worked out so well for California.
The Legislation, called The Safe Communities Act, is meant to limit interaction between local law enforcement agencies and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What it does is tell criminalizes that Massachusetts is open for business, Illegal business. The rationale for protecting illegals from law enforcement is that they will be more willing to cooperate with the same law enforcement, and that will help combat crime in those sections that have massive illegal and legal immigrants living in them. Absurd.
What it will do in reality is it would help protect the organized crime as law enforcement would be unable to seek out, investigate, stop, apprehend ANY of the illegal criminal gangs as they will be protected by the state, YOUR STATE, and with YOUR tax dollars.
For the last hundred years or so, immigrants that lived in close-knit communities with organized crime, and they ALWAYS kept their mouths shut about it. And they still do. No amount of virtue signaling legislation will end that.  Do you think if the State of New York or Chicago would have passed a law in 1900 giving all Italians citizenship, that the Mafia would have been smashed?  The same logic applies.  Passing legislation like what’s up for consideration will be a MAGNET for illegals, criminal gangs, and crime.
According to the Boston Herald, illegal criminalize cost the state $2 billion annually. As if we can afford more? Massachusetts had a surplus of $1 billion last year, this year; it’s projected to have a $900 Million deficit. Who cares, let’s soak the taxpayers some more!  We have Americans living and dying in the streets, crumbling infrastructure, but all liberals can think of is how do we expand the voter base?  According to the ICE office in Boston, Massachusetts is now the #1 destination for illegal criminals.
We give illegals driver licenses, and we pass motor voter laws to register to vote when renewing your license. We provide plentiful welfare benefits so that illegals can afford to send all their money back to their home country. They offer bilingual classes for everyone, diversity at all costs. $2 Billion is what it costs. We can’t afford this insanity any longer. But our local reps will pass it, and it will make them sleep better at night that they repaired some injustice that didn’t happen in their country, in their lifetime, to anyone they know or knew. And it will pass. Lord, help us.
Guest writer,  The South Coast Conservative


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