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Where has all the fun gone ?

As we wake up each day and think about what the day will bring we must not forget, we are still in control. We must get up and look outside, look at all we can do if we just take the tests to get there. Yes, things are not going well with Covid-19, being out of work or school, and worried about how you will pay the bills.  But you have to try to find the light inside that you have reached many times in the past when the world seemed darkest. When you can do this, you will know what steps to take next.

I often seem to look at the negative side of life and I know that bugs people. But people don’t know me. I look at life as I see it, not as you want me to or the media tells me I should see.  I look at it for what it is, a great place that has many problems. Many of the problems are not because I look at it negatively, and I call out those who would lie to me and I tell the readers that follow me just what I see.  The problems are because too many of you trust too much. You want the world to be good so bad that you lose sight that for a world to be good,  it must go through changes and those changes happen over and over as the time move on. So, you see,  I look at each day as a gift, I take what comes to me and if I can improve it I do, If not  I try to make the best out of the day because tomorrow comes a new day.

I will say to you this, pay more attention to your life, what you are doing and need to do. Let other people care for their lives the way they see fit. Maybe if everyone does this you won’t be so concerned about what I do and say and you will worry about what you do and say.

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Local advocate and political fanatic. My interest are wide and my focus is my community. Retired substance abuse counselor and owner of Studio 1A a social media marketing company. Producer of the no Spin Zone show on Comcast cable channel 95 every Monday at 12 noon. Contact me personally for more information. Hope you enjoy the page and the inside bring to each post blog and column.

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