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Sanctuary Cities ?

Massachusetts, a place where freedom USED TO ring, is now ringing another bell. FREE STUFF. Currently, there is a bill up for consideration to make Massachusetts into an official “Sanctuary State”. That worked out so well for California.   The Legislation, called The Safe Communities Act, is meant to limit interaction …

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KOOL, May be No More.

Unless you are a Non-Smoker or live in the middle of nowhere, you know that the State of Mass is trying to Ban Menthol Brand Cigarettes. We had a vote by the House that passed a bill to BAN  them.  It will go to the Senate now. Most likely, it will …

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Transportation will a get big boost.

The Governor in a press conference stated that he was happy that a Bond would be taken out for 1.8 Billion dollars for up grand to the Transportation network in our state. Baker outlines several projects that will benefit from the bond money. The  (Transportation network) had many problems and …

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Budget goes for Vote Today.

The Mass Budget has come out of committee where both the House and the Senate discussed their versions of the budge and what the Governor proposed.  Today they will vote it up or down but can’t make changes. The budget is said to be the biggest in history and spends …

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See you in Feb 2020

Today June 25. 2019 the State of Massachusetts vs Jasiel F. Correia ll was the talk of the day. The Mayor’s attorney Mr. Kiven Rededinton was working his magic in Federal Court Boston, Mass today on behalf of Fall River Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll. Today a big step was …

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When is to enough, enough ?

SSTAR is still trying to get another treatment program in the city of Fall River, Mass. The city is reviewing a new proposal for SSTAR to build a multi-million dollar Drug Treatment and research center in the North End of the city. About a year or so ago SSTAR applied …

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