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COVID-19, The virus that has taken the US and locked it up like a safe. Here in Fall River, we have 97 cases, 26 of those are recovered, and 71 remain active in treatment. This week is the week that the experts said we would see the newest cases, and …

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Budget goes for Vote Today.

The Mass Budget has come out of committee where both the House and the Senate discussed their versions of the budge and what the Governor proposed.  Today they will vote it up or down but can’t make changes. The budget is said to be the biggest in history and spends …

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( 8 ) Enough ?????

8 is enough if you ask Leo Pelletier and some on the city council. But, the real truth is that it is not. What is missed is the fact that many of the letters given out to people looking to open a marijuana business will never get to the point …

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See you in Feb 2020

Today June 25. 2019 the State of Massachusetts vs Jasiel F. Correia ll was the talk of the day. The Mayor’s attorney Mr. Kiven Rededinton was working his magic in Federal Court Boston, Mass today on behalf of Fall River Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll. Today a big step was …

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Who is running this election cycle ?

 Political Season 2019  is upon us. As we look at who is running we see only (4) people have taken out papers for a seat on the School Committee.  That committee will have one open seat with Paul Coggan giving up his seat to take a second run at the …

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