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Keep your Pet’s inside tonight.

Bing in your Dog or Cat.  This is not the kind of weather that you want them outside.  I know we think of them as loving to be outside. But they can die in the cold just like we can.

If you see a dog or cat out in the cold and you know where they belong. Let someone know. If you can bring them in until you can reach the owner you should.

If you see them out when you are driving the city, you should call Animal control or the police and keep an eye on where they go.  This is a time to also look in on anyone that may be living alone. A senior or someone shut in. Know on the door and see that they have heat, food and if they have medication,  ask if they have enough to hold them.

We never know in this area how the weather may change. It may snow or rain without notice. Today it was below zero with wind chills. Tonight it is going to be 13 with a wind chill of 3. In many homes the heating systems have a hard time keeping up as the temps go down.  They say you should not play with your temperature by going up and down. Its best to set it and leave it.  In my home that is a old house that gets wind hitting 3 sides,  it is hard to keep the temp up.

If you have that problem you may want to heat the house up before bed so that if the heater can’t keep up the temperature will not go down so fast. Use blankets to keep your body warm. Have a radio with batteries in case the power goes out.  These are things you should always be ready to have and to do in the winter.

We are providing this info just to assist those who are not staying up on the news of the cold front moving in.  Good luck, Stay warm.