Rain falls upon Fall River Mayor’s Office.

Today we see and hear of more political leaders making public statements asking for the Mayor to either step down, or step aside. We also hear that two more powerful Congressional leaders are to make statement tomorrow  asking  the same thing.

This can not be easy for the young Mayor who came into office at a time the city was looking for a Hero.  It seemed that this young, smart silver tongue guy was just what the doctor ordered.

Soon after taking office he shook up DCM and the people in it. Jobs were moved and people were switched up all over the place, No one knew if they had a job come morning, Trash being a major problem for the city the Mayor went out and got it privatized to EZ disposal . A 10 year deal was make and that was the first time we seen that this Mayor was going to do whatever he wanted and keep his promises to get out of the trash business.

Fast forward, The mayor appeared to force out of CDM the long time well liked Director. He took a better job with much more support from the school department. Soon there were new men coming in and out of that job almost every few weeks. All seem to have some connection to the Mayor or his family or supporters. Now, all Mayor’s appoint friends to job, but it seems these were not checked at all. One lied on his experience and prior job title, one was a friend from a New Bedford family member who didn’t have experience and was demoted then put in another job and we don’t even know where he is today. It was said the pays were increased for his friends when others did the job for years for much less.

Administration help was a big problem. A finance person who once worked for the city and allowed the city to fall 5 yrs behind on audits was given the top job and just got a $20,000 raise while the Administrator  got a $40,000 raise. Then his friend and a family member of his COS was given a job as Mayor’s special assistant and given a big raise too,  this one may be a problem, it seem he is using money from CDA a federal housing grant. It is not allowed under HUD rules. May Flanagan ask to do the same thing and was not allowed. How this time it happen can only open up more question to the stories we hear about pressure put on department heads or loose your job.

Let me say that we have talk with some of them, But non will allow their names to be use as they fear loosing their jobs. That we understand and we will agree.  We can write on the questionable job’s appointed, people let go, land sold and public buildings sold to supporters, connection to the marijuana companies and the $20,000 donation given to the legal defense fund from a MMJ owner a few day after that owner was given a letter of no opposition from the mayor to open a MMJ company here in the city.   Yes, one might say their is a good answer to all of this. Problem is, No one will sit and answer the questions truthfully .

I am seeing most every media outlet there is doing a story on this. Its well known that a few years back the federal government began going after politicians that were charged with any type of crime in an effort to clean up the system and to show the public that politicians are not above the law.  Some say that this is over stepping, others say its overdue. Regardless of what side you are on, the one thing for sure is Fall River has another black eye. When you have people calling for him to step down from local councilors to the Governor and Lt, Governor and the Governor removing the endorsement he received from the Mayor off his web page its  pretty bad.  Then Sen Kennedy ,  a Candidate for Congress, Congressmen Markey and other leaders all calling for him to leave, I think that’s a very strong message that you have no support from the people that send the money  to this city. Those relationships are over, never to be fixed to a degree that will help Fall River .

In closing, we are not happy about what is going on here. I for one don’t want to see any young man face jail, its not a place you grow into a better person at. I hope if he is found guilty that he not face jail but some other means of paying penates.   We would all be better off if he just step aside show he is willing to face the facts and not try and call the FBI, IRS and  HUD  all liars. That’s is not going to help him if he goes to  trial. Not good calling them liars. When he said the case is all political and he will be vindicated, that’s just what he is doing, calling them liars.