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Will Sam Sutter Run FOr Mayor In 2019 ?

Will former D.A. Mayor run for his old seat back in 2019 ?  

In a recent phone discussion with WSAR the former mayor Sam Sutter said he hopes his carrier as a  politician is not over.  When ask by WSAR about a run, Mr. Sutter said he is focus on his law practice at this time but will consider a run.

Sam Sutter best know as a Top DA. He has many hard cases where he won convictions on. He won the Mayors race in the Recall and served only one year and was controversial  due to his putting in a house fee for trash . That and the fact that he was not what people were use to with Mayor Flanagan being out in the community and always available,  Sam was not. He was in many people opinion Not very public and not open to the public. Many said  that his number one guy Lue was in friendly and acted like a cop that he once was chief of police. They said that it was the fee and the people that Sam had out front of him that killed his re-election shot.  I agree.

The big question is,  Will he get the votes, People don’t forget when you go in their pockets and he did in a big way.

He did not seem to understand he was the Mayor not the DA. He often talked about what he did as DA not understanding that this was a city of 88,000 people and not a DA office of 100 people.  I don’t think that has changed.

Then you have other people that their names are already coming out that are very able to get money, support and are liked in the community. When politicians see blood in the water like a Mayor facing a federal trial, they come out like sharks for the kill.  Many of the people that back candidates in the city are saying that the current mayor has a big wall to get over and they don’t think it will happen before election and with it out front they think the mayor will loose to an opponent that has a good name and some backing.

It is going to be a long few months before the election and maybe 1yr to 2  yrs before a trial if there is one. So many things will change on the political front.